Lilly's Farm


My mother Fay, Lilly Davidow, and me, Lilly's farm, Vineland, NJ, late 1940s Lilly's farm, Vineland, mid '50s

Lilly Lilly and my mother

Me and my brother, Lilly's farm, mid '50s



Lilly (Lillian) Davidow spent vacations and weekends in the Summer at the farm she owned in Vineland, New Jersey. She leased most of the land to a nearby farmer, but saved a good portion for a garden that included all sorts of vegetables as well as flowers. Everyone kidded her for being a "real farmer" because she even planted her flowers in rows. We would visit her on occasion on Summer weekends. The farm may or may not have been a remnant of the Jewish agricultural colony in Vineland. There did seem to be more Jewish farmers in the area that one would normally expect. Lilly lived for a while in the same row house turned apartment building with Rose and my uncle Harry A Franklin. She later married Joe Katz who had a house closeby in Vineland.


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