Alien Room Escape Walkthrough


This game really annoyed me, and there weren't any walkthroughs online in English, so, here goes:


1. Beginning with TV set in center, move to left one-half turn. Click on green plant in left corner. Take knife.

2. Back out, move to left one-half turn. Click on pillow. Take ray gun.

3. Move to left one full turn. Take pachinko ball from between first two books. It's hard to see.

4. Click on top of bookcase. Take video cassette. (Those were those things they had before DVDs...)

5. Back out. Click just outside right side of bookcase. Get stick.

6. Back out. Go left one-half turn. Click on waste basket. (That's a bin for you British guys.) Take window code list. (They call it a "paper" but we know what it really is...)

7. Back out. Go two half turns to the left. You should see a complete picture of a "gray" alien. Click on picture of alien. Click on top of frame. Click to the extreme left. Get Galactic credit card.

8. Back out. Click on picture again. Drag knife to picture to cut it. Answer OK. It will tell you you have been cursed. Get even! Drag ray gun to picture and blast it. Get Pandora's golden box.

9. Back out. (You may be redirected to the front door--I think this is a bug.) In any event, you can always go directly to the front door by clicking on the code list. From the front door, go left one full turn. You will be facing the TV. Click on the video cassette player under the TV. Place the cassette in the player. You will see a well. If you have not already gotten the box, you will just see noise.

10. Click on the TV screen. You will see a green hand with a golden key for the box. The hand will say "NEED?" Offer it the credit card. It will say something inane like "We don't accept that." Drop ray gun on hand. It will change its mind immediately. Take the key.

11. Back out. Click on code list. Note entry "099: WAR!!!!!" Click on golden box. Drag key to box. Enter 099 and hit EXECUTE. You should be facing the TV set. Turn left one full turn. Click on window. You should see an alien shooting at "Tom." If you run your cursor over the small guy, he will tell you as much. If you have not entered the proper code you will see a city scene in the window. I do not think the code changes from player to player.

12. Back out. Turn right one and a half turns to the picture of the alien. Click on the ceiling. Take the stick and drag it to a point directly above the point where the two walls meet and about halfway up. You may have to try a couple of times. This is the hardest part of the game. There's no obvious clue to lead you here that I've seen. You will see a ninja hiding on the ceiling. (Sure fellahs...)

13. Click on the ninja. He will say "Leave me alone." Give him the pachinko ball. He will be grateful. Click the flashing arrow and he will tell you he knows how to escape. Click it again and watch the aliens suck him through the roof!

14. Back out and pick up the rocket launcher. Turn left one and a half times. You should see the window again. Click on it. Shoot the alien with the rocket launcher. It will miss and blow Tom away. But as he flies away, a note from your father will fly up to the window. Take the note. At this point you will see that you are an alien too!

15. Return to the door. Click on the rectangle next to the door. Drop the note on the rectangle. The door will open. As far as I know, this is the ending. But the game doesn't end like most games, so I have to wonder. Anybody have an alternate ending, let me know.


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